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OTP By The Numbers

Here are some interesting and undoubtedly useful facts about Old Town Playhouse.

Seats: Our MainStage Auditorium has 277 seats. For most MainStage plays and musicals, about 230 of the seats are available with a full view of the stage, depending on the set. Not all seats are the same width. In Section B, Rows A, C, E, G, and J have eleven 22-inch seats while most rows have ten 24-inch seats. This ensures that you can see around the head in front of you!

Ushers: About 160 ushers cover about 620 ushering job positions across over 110 performances each season. Ushers not only help you find your seat, but can help you out of the theatre in an emergency, and pick up the theatre after a performance!

Set Construction: Our set builders use about 175 pounds of screws each season to hold sets together. And our painters use 15 gallons of extremely dense black paint every season. Everything we don't want you to see on a set is painted black!