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Who We Are

The MISSION of the Old Town Playhouse is to be a volunteer-based organization promoting quality community theatre experiences for the people of Northwest Michigan by providing educational opportunities and entertainment in the theatrical arts.

Old Town Playhouse was created in April 1960 to bring amateur theatre to northern Michigan.

Located just three blocks from downtown Traverse City, the Old Town Playhouse season runs annually from September through May with a variety of productions.

Performance areas include a 277-seat mainstage auditorium and an 80-seat studio theatre. Seasonal attendance ranges from 20,000 - 23,000 patrons.

The youth education arm of Old Town Playhouse, the OTP Young Company, provides performance and educational activities for youth age preschool through college.

The Playhouse is primarily a volunteer-based organization, promoting quality community theatre experiences for the people of Northwest Michigan, through entertainment and educational opportunities in the theatrical arts.


We do quality community theatre

We impact lives through Entertainment, Education and Engagement 
Core Values (what we strive for):

Creativity: We celebrate new ideas, challenge our imaginations and take responsible risks to broaden our impact and test the limits of our artistic horizons.

Quality: We adhere to the highest standards possible in all of our work and strive for consistency and excellence.

Variety of entertainment: We offer a broad variety of artistic programs and learning experiences for children, families and adults.

Inclusiveness: We welcome and encourage all, and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

Volunteers: Volunteers are our heartbeat and we strive for meaningful engagement.

Community Engagement: We collaborate with other organizations when possible through partnership and outreach.

Awareness: We strive to increase awareness of community theatre and its benefits.

Integrity: We conduct ourselves ethically and responsibly at all times.

Viability: We are fiscally responsible and strive to be financially sustainable.