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Guidelines for Students & Parents

Here with Old Town Playhouse Young Company, we strive to strike a balance between hard work and fun. Without hard work the production suffers. We want our students to have a great time creating their show within the boundaries of appropriate behavior.

Behavior Policy

Unless you are in a rehearsal and have pertinent questions, please refrain from interrupting the staff while they are actively teaching, listening, or watching a rehearsal in progress.

Cell Phone Policy

We recognize the importance of students having cell phones to stay in contact with parents. We also require the auditorium and rehearsal spaces be silent so that students can maintain focus during class or rehearsal. Cell phone use is permitted during snack and lunch breaks but must remain in their lockers during class or rehearsal.

Food and Drink Policy

Food is not allowed in the auditorium or other class spaces. We encourage students to eat a healthy snack prior to class and bring a water bottle. 

Attendance Policy  

Since creating a show is a group effort, it is important to be at every class. Please contact the Program Manager with any planned (doctor/dentist appointments, etc.) or surprise (illness, accident, etc.) absences.

Relationship to Staff, Students, and the Theater

Please do not offer suggestions, chastise, argue with, or prompt another actor under any circumstance. We are here to support each other and have a wonderful experience. The theater is our place to dream, and that needs to be nurtured by everyone involved.

Be prepared to clean up everything on the stage and in the rehearsal spaces after use, even if it’s not your mess. We all need to respect the theater and the space that we are given to explore.

Please do not touch lighting, sound, or stage equipment unless assigned and trained to do so. We know they are tempting, but these are expensive pieces, and we need to take care of them.

Do not touch any props that are not assigned to you. Always return your props to their assigned spot. These props are made specially for you and/or bought for our use and we need to remember to feel lucky that we have them and want to keep them safe.

Lines, music, blocking, and choreography should be rehearsed at home as well as at camp. You will learn a lot of new material each day and it is important that you as an actor take responsibility for your performance.

Three Strike Policy

If a student intentionally chooses not to follow any of the Young Company policies, they will be given a warning. After the 2nd warning, the Program Manager will contact the parents to discuss the offending behavior(s). If a 3rd issue arises, the student will be dismissed from the Program, without refund, and will require a personal meeting with the Program Director to re-join Young Company in the future.


We here at the Old Town Playhouse appreciate all of you and always need your support! However, we also need your student(s) to be given the freedom to explore and create new relationships, characters, and grow as performers while here in the theater. Please feel free to contact the Program Manager, Melissa May, with any questions or concerns you may have as melissa@oldtownplayhouse.com or 231.947.2210 x 103.