Old Town Playhouse Young Company

Katie Clark

Katie is the lead Director of Disney's The Lion King Kids and the instructor of Musical Theatre Performance on Thursdays.

Katie got her start in theater here in Traverse City through her experiences at the Dance Center, the Old Town Playhouse, and Traverse City schools. Upon receiving her B.A. in Japanese Language and Culture in 2014, she was awarded the Paul R. Barstow Award for Theatrical Excellence for her cumulative work with the Shakespeare Society, Wellesley Repertory Theatre, and the W.C. Theater Department. Since Moving back to TC in 2016, Katie has jumped back into the local arts community and has worked as a theater and/or movement instructor at the Old Town Playhouse, NMC's College for Kids, Drama Kids Int., and Parallel 45. She is THRILLED to get back on stage after a year apart and continue to share her passion and enthusiasm for theater with her students.

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