Old Town Playhouse Young Company


Community Impact of the OTP Young Company

Participation in the visual and performing arts nurtures self-discipline, creativity and confidence. It provides a vital context through which young people can learn to solve problems, communicate ideas, and collaborate with others to create a common vision of shared value.

Whether participating in a developing drama or viewing a performance, young people can experience the power of theatre to intensify insights and understandings that contribute to their daily lives. Theatre captures their attention and provides a format for demonstrating and practicing vital skills and behaviors. It strengthens character and emotional intelligence.

Theatre opens a door – one that cannot be seen but must be experienced. Through the lens of live theatre, reality is viewed afresh, prejudices revised and differences seen from many points of view. By stepping into the world of drama, young people can learn to shape and redefine life itself.

As a non-profit organization, the OTP Young Company relies on the support of the public to thrive.  If you're interested in donating money, time or supplies, please email the Old Town Playhouse's Educational Program Manager, Melissa May.

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The best way to help is to come to one of our shows and have a great time!

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