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Broadway Junior

The Broadway Junior program (formerly Li'l Broadway) is made up of a series of special classes in acting, dance and singing that culminate in a major performance of an adapted Broadway hit play—these shows are just like the great Broadway hits, only slightly shortened for its student cast.

How does it work?
Throughout the spring, summer and fall, look for classes on our schedule with the Broadway Junior designation. For students interested in auditioning for our Broadway Junior shows (usually performing in November or June), they must first have taken the Broadway Junior classes in singing, acting and dance, which will be labeled as Broadway Junior classes 1, 2 and 3. As an alternative, enrollment in the Young Company’s 4 -week Summer Performing Arts Camp fulfills all 3 requirements.

Do students have to take these particular classes to audition?
No. Similar classes taken at other institutions can be regarded as fulfillment of the requirement provided that the student can demonstrate that they have received the prerequisite training. Involvement in previous sessions of the Summer Performing Arts Camp will also be accepted.

Does taking the Broadway Junior classes guarantee being in the Broadway Junior productions?
No. These classes are likely to improve a student’s chances of joining the cast by covering scenes, dances and songs that will be used during the audition, but being cast in the play is NOT guaranteed.

When are the auditions for the November or June production?
Auditions will tend to be held at Old Town Playhouse in early September if the musical is being staged in November, in mid-March if the musical is staged in June. Rehearsals begin immediately and run Mondays through Thursdays from 4:00 to 6:00. Some Saturday rehearsals may be added. Students enrolled in Broadway Junior classes during the Fall or Spring Sessions can still audition.

There’s a tuition for each of the Broadway Junior classes; do cast members of Broadway Junior production also pay tuition?
Yes. The rehearsal process will include a continuation of the training received during the prerequisite classes. The tuition for cast members will be $195. As always, tuition assistance is available for families in need.

Can a student enroll in a Broadway Junior class without wanting to audition for the Broadway Junior Musical production?
Sure! Students who just want to take a class without being in the show are welcome.

I still have questions!
Call the Education Director at (231) 947-2210.

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