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The Christmas Schooner Cast Announcement

Congratulations to the cast of The Christmas Schooner. This heart-warming holiday show will take place from November 24 - December 9, 2023. 

Peter Stossel                        Eric Ranke
Alma Stossel                        Ashley Nugent
Gustav Stossel                     Michael Spry
Young Karl/Storyteller      Eli Nugent / Jude White
Teen Karl/Storyteller         Samantha Fewins
Steve/Storyteller                Joseph Truhe
Oskar/Storyteller               Cathy Louis
Rudy/Storyteller                 Russell Gallas
Martha/Storyteller             Teresa Hirt
Olive/Storyteller                 Heather Lockwood
Kate/Storyteller                  Lily Emery
Enid/Storyteller                  Kelly Rose
Mary Claire/Storyteller    Elyvia Butts/Leah Sluis
Storytellers                           Jerilyn Fortier, Cheryl Gallas,
                                                Brexton Butts/Maya White

Directed by Karla Fishburn