Road Construction in Traverse City: Watch for detours when visiting the Playhouse in May, 2024!

Congratulations to the cast of Radium Girls

Thank you to all who came out for auditions. The entire crew was simply overwhelmed by the talent we saw!

Cast list:

Grace Fryer:  Mara Van Wagner* and Wren Walter
Kathryn Schaub:  Lucy Bodie
Tom Kreider (and others TBD):  Devin Dunlap
Katherine Wiley, Irene Rudolph (and others TBD):  Danielle Pelshaw
Arthur Roeder:  Jared Oosse*
Diane Roeder (and others TBD):  Chelsea Kaye
Dr. Marie Curie (and others TBD):  Laura Ciccone*
Mrs. Alma MacNeil (and others TBD):  Sam Whalen
Sob Sister (and others TBD):  Kathleen Murdock
Mrs. Michaels, Society Woman (and others TBD):  Nicole Pence*
Reporter (and others TBD):  Cathy Louis
Dr. VonSochocky (and others TBD):  Michael Spry
C.B. "Charlie" Lee (and others TBD):  RJ Bonds*
Anna Fryer (and others TBD):  Jena Van Wagner*
Harriet Roeder-Adult (and others TBD):  Joelle Mabey
Dr. Joseph Knef (and others TBD):  Colin Bohash

*New to the OTP stage.