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PUFFS Cast Announcement

Congratulations to the cast of PUFFS or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic. This magical show runs January 12 to 20, 2024.

Narrator: Charlotte Furlong
Wayne Hopkins: Finn Hochstetler, Maddie Diehl
Oliver Rivers: Ocean Pflum, Liam Schramm
Megan Jones: Evelyn Duggar, AJ Fewins
Cedric: Jack Allen, Mosie Weir
Mr. Voldy: Zoe Ulrich
Leanne & others: Phoebe Walter, Emmy Lingaur
J. Finch Fletchley & others: Will Velek
Very Tall Man & others: Email Duggar
Ernie Mac & others: Allie Seymour
Goyle & others: Mason Kanakis
Hannah & others: Betty Cordner
Xavia Jones & others: Ellery Pfannenstiel
Susie Bones & others: Chloe Porter
Harry & others: Peyton Ashworth
Sally Perks & others: Ava Brennan
Rita Scooter & others: Ella Nielson

Directed by Hayley Bowker

NOTE: Performance dates for double-cast roles will be determined soon!