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Out of chaos, order.

The ARK System began taking control of Earth Enterprise in 2050 A.D. as a technical aid to global commerce, and now people world over enjoy "contentment"—sheltered, useful lives that are stress and disease free—except for those who are deemed "useless" and face banishment to the Wilderness, or worse. As this futuristic re-envisioning of the Joan of Arc story begins in 2129, Joan is called not by saints or angels, but by an unexplained presence on her transcommunicator and a forbidden visitor to her Life/Work Station. Her mission: restore Charles, the wayward president of Earth Enterprise, to power and supplant Petra, the founder of the ARK System. Although the well-being of the people of Earth Enterprise and the survival of the ARK System are vitally important to Joan, her growing understanding of Petra, the mother she has served, and Catherine, the mother she has loved, drive her forward. Joan eventually faces interrogation and martyrdom. In the process, many questions are raised about the use and abuse of technology, individual rights and responsibilities, the role of faith, and the power of music. In this performance by the Young Company’s high-school aged Studio Factory campers, the answers are left open to interpretation.

  • Tickets are free, but required.