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Auditions Announced - GODSPELL






  • Auditions are for ages 16+
  • Auditions will be held Monday, August 23 and Tuesday August 24, 2021 beginning at 6:30pm, at the Old Town Playhouse Schmuckal Theater, lower level - 148 E. 8th St. Traverse City, MI. 
  • Invited Callbacks, (if needed) will be held on Wednesday, August 25th, beginning at 6:30pm.
  • Please complete the online audition information form HERE
  • Auditions will be closed, meaning only production staff and those auditioning will be permitted in the room.
  • Please wear character or other dance shoes (no tennis shoes). Please wear clothing that you are comfortable dancing in for auditions. We prefer no excessively baggy clothing. 
  • For your reference, please review the production calendar found on page 4 of this packet and note your conflict dates on your audition form.
  • If you are under the age of 18 and cast in the show, we will ask that a parent sign a waiver. 
  • Everyone will be asked to sing, dance and read at auditions 

In an effort to provide you an efficient and timely audition process, please come to auditions prepared, as detailed below: 

  • Prepare a 30-45 second  (16 bar), upbeat, contemporary, musical theatre or jazz song. Please select a piece that highlights your vocal range and your ability to act through song.
  • Please make every effort to memorize your audition piece. You will not be permitted to stand near the accompanist during your audition. We want to see you perform, and will work with you through your audition if needed. . 
  • An accompanist will be provided. Please bring your own sheet music, ensuring it is in the proper key, and clearly mark your start and stop points for the accompanist. Please have your sheet music printed out, not in a book, and please do not bind or staple your pages. 
  • Acapella singing will not be permitted, and please do not sing a selection from Godspell, either version.
  • A dance call will follow the vocal audition. Please dress comfortably, have appropriate footwear and be prepared to move. Everyone will be asked to complete the dance call regardless of the role you aspire to.
  • Please DO NOT alter your natural appearance prior to auditions, and do not attempt to “dress” for a certain part.
  • Please audition regardless of your conflicts. Rehearsals will be scheduled after the show is cast to accommodate conflicts. Just be honest, and we will work around your schedule the best we can. However, please be aware, due to the heavy full ensemble involvement for this show, excessive conflicts may preclude casting.
  • Most importantly, come ready to have fun!! 



A note on casting: This production will be cast using performers ages 16 and above. Old Town Playhouse welcomes individuals of all races, genders, and gender identities to audition for roles in productions. The production team of Godspell is taking a gender neutral approach to casting for this production. The production team MAY choose to add ensemble members beyond what is listed below.
  • Anna Maria (Alto): A bit of a tomboy, but basically open and sweet. Perhaps the youngest of the group. She is the first of the group to commit to following Jesus in the song “Day by Day.”
  • Celisse (Mezzo-Soprano): The female equivalent of the class clown. Goofy and a cut-up. In the 2012 Broadway revival, she played several instruments, including conga, ukulele and guitar. She sings “Learn Your Lessons Well.”
  • George (Tenor): The comedian, the class clown. The guy who can do a hundred voices and imitations. He sings “Light of the World.”
  • Jesus (Tenor): Must be the most charismatic individual in the cast. High energy, charming, funny, gentle but with strength. He is the sort of person others instinctively follow. Jesus sings in many numbers, including “Save the People” and “Beautiful City.”
  • John the Baptist/Judas (Baritone): He has attributes of both Biblical figures: He is both Jesus’ lieutenant and most ardent disciple and the doubter who begins to question and rebel. Like Jesus, he is also charismatic, but in more of an overt revolutionary way. Usually played by someone handsome and masculine, with an undertone of sexuality. He is the most “serious” and intellectual of the group, though as with all the actors, he must still possess a good sense of physical comedy. He sings “Prepare Ye,” “All For the Best,” and “On the Willows.”
  • Lindsay (Soprano): The confident one, the show-off. The first one to volunteer, sometimes she jumps in before she really understands what’s going on. She sings “Bless the Lord.”
  • Morgan (Alto): Sassy and slightly cynical, the most urban of the group. Also the “sexy” one, but her sexiness contains a large element of put-on, in the manner of Mae West or Madonna. She sings “Turn Back, O Man.”
  • Nick (Tenor): Very high energy. Impish and playful. In the original, he played several musical instruments, including concertina, recorder and guitar. He sings “We Beseech Thee.”
  • Telly (Tenor): Not the brightest in the bunch, he is a little slow on the uptake. But there is a great sweetness and innocence about him. Because he sings “All Good Gifts” he must be a very good singer.
  • Uzo (Alto): The shy one. Sometimes a little slow to get things, but when she does, she commits all the way. Has an “earth mother” kind of warmth to her. She sings “By My Side.”




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