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Affairs of the Heart is Streaming

Affairs of the Heart
Eight Short Pieces on Love
by Dorothy Parker
Ah, February! It’s cold, it’s grey, it’s quarantine. Let us brighten up those dark days with the wit of Dorothy Parker. Ms. Parker’s take on love and relationships is not your typical Valentine’s Day card. She explores the pitfalls of romance, the frailty of relationships and the unrealistic expectations that couples carry with them. All with a wit and charm that is singularly her own. 
"Love Song, Part 1"
Colleen Hill-Rakunas
Here We Are
Danielle Hartley
Karl Hartley
"Love Song, Part 2"
Colleen Hill-Rakunas
But the One on the Right
Maria McKane
"Love Song, Part 3"
Colleen Hill-Rakunas
You Were Perfectly Fine
Michelle Perez Dungjen
Brian Dungjen
"A Certain Lady"
Colleen Hill-Rakunas
Dusk Before Fireworks
Kristina Nichols
Brett Nichols
"An Unfortunate Coincidence"
Colleen Hill-Rakunas
Adapted and Directed by: Terri Heffron
Sound Design: Gary Bolton
Videographer: Lesley Tye
Photographer: Wizard®
Costume Design: Kathy Verstraete
Hair & Makeup: Michael Binstead
Edited by: Phil Murphy

Old Town Playhouse

Main Stage Theatre
148 E. Eighth Street
at the corner of
Cass & East 8th St.

OTP Studio Theatre
620 Railroad Place
at the corner of
East 8th and Woodmere