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Recreate your favorite Holiday Moment for OTP

We know you’ve been missing OTP and wishing to do something creative - well now is your chance!
All you need is your camera phone and your imagination to make a short video to share out to the rest of the Playhouse community - call it a digital holiday gift card. It’s even a chance to make something with another household while still keeping it Covid-Safe. Here’s your instructions: 

1) Pick your holiday movie moment. Keep it short and not too complicated, with few characters so it can be accomplished within your household or with another using shot/ reverse shot. Avoid complicated camera movements or too much going on. 

2) Watch and study. Take screenshots of each shot for reference. 

3) Assemble your props and costumes. It does not have to look exact, in fact it’s funnier if you have to improvise with something a bit silly. If you have an “over the shoulder shot” with the other person in it, be inventive with a substitute (see our example). 

4) Shoot each shot until you get it close to perfect. Honestly a few mistakes here and there make it all the more charming (again, see our example). If you have the ability to cut it together - great - but if not you can just share the best take of each shot and we’ll edit it. Make sure we can hear any dialogue - and make sure you shoot it in PORTRAIT mode (holding your phone sideways). 

Some specific shooting tips: 

● Shooting with a phone is absolutely fine - but try to keep it steady. If you don’t have a tripod use a bookshelf or something to hold your elbows as the camera person shoots the scene. 

● Make sure you have plenty of “tails” on either end, meaning wait a few seconds after hitting record for the action to begin and then a few seconds at the end after the action concludes. 

● Eliminate background noises as much as possible. If there is music or special effects in the moment it’s better to add that in the edit, rather than in the shot.

● If there is voice over - record it separately as its own take on a video clip or voice memo. 

5) Send us your footage as well as correct spelling for any names of those involved.

6) When it’s released on OTP’s social media SHARE SHARE SHARE. 

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