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Joys of the Season at Old Town Playhouse

Dear Friends of the Playhouse,

The unseasonably warm weather has left town, and the Holidays are fast approaching. Even though 2020 Holidays will be different for many of us, we still treasure the meaning and traditions of the Holidays.

The joy of lights brightens our days. OTP will be one of 12 sites in the revamped Downtown Light Parade on 12/12 where spectators drive or walk by the sites featuring the Twelve Days of Christmas. We will do a humorous take on ‘Seven Swans a-Swimming.’ Would you expect anything less from OTP? We long for the day when the stage lights come back on inside the Playhouse.

Gatherings of friends and family warm our souls. The Playhouse is a family to our volunteers and all our patrons are friends of the Playhouse. We look forward to gathering again inside the theatre.

Good Cheer lifts our days. Holiday Cabaret will be streamed from the Playhouse on December 11. You’ll receive notice from our Box Office for view via our website or Facebook page. Once live, you can enjoy it as often as you like. Please share with your friends and families. We will not hear your applause but will imagine it in our hearts.

Thanksgiving focuses us on our blessings. Most of all we are thankful for our volunteers and patrons that generously give of their time and financial support. Thank you for your continued support.

During this pandemic shutdown, we strive to be good stewards of our community gem, Old Town Playhouse. We cut and closely monitor expenses. We are cleaning and repairing inside the building. We worked hard to become finalist in the Impact 100 grant cycle. We came so close, but it was not to be this year. We had our sights on projects that can be accomplished during this shutdown to enhance the audience experience when we reopen. Even though some of those projects will have to wait for another opportunity, we are still focusing on improving our HVAC system and adding GPS ionizer units for the comfort and safety of all who come to the Playhouse. This is the perfect time to do this kind of work inside the Playhouse. Our greatest desire is to come out the other side of this pandemic ready and stronger for live theatre. Are you able to make an extra donation this year towards this project? We need to raise an additional $40,000 towards this project. We count on your donation to make this a reality.

As you consider your Holiday giving and year end donations, we ask that you remember Old Town Playhouse. Maybe you could donate the equivalent of season tickets to offset lost revenue of no shows. Maybe you have the capacity to donate stocks or RMD from your investments. Do not forget that part of the Cares ACT - COVID emergency legislation is the $300 per person reduction off your pre-tax income regardless of whether you itemize. The $300 can be a single donation or multiple donations that add up to $300. Every donation is greatly appreciated.

From all of us at the Playhouse, we wish you health and happiness. The show will go on one day and we look forward to performing it especially for you.


Deb Jackson
Executive Director


Old Town Playhouse

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