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November 2020 Newsletter

Dabblings from Deb
“I think I’ll try defying gravity!” — Elphaba, Wicked
We are trying many different things here at the Playhouse during this pandemic.  I hope you were able to catchthe virtual show Phantasms of a Fevered Imagination.  A group of our volunteers, led by Terri Heffron and Cherie’ Van Maanen, created a wonderful experience combining reader’s theatre of macabre literature, original music, artificial harmonics performed in a prepared piano and original visual art.  If you missed it, you can still access it on our website or Facebook page. .You can also click here: Phantasms
More virtual content is in work.  If you have ideas or want to direct or participate in a virtual show, please let Deb, Phil or one of the Artistic Committee members know.  
Attention to the Building
We have been cleaning, organizing and repairing.  We still hope to raise enough funds to address the HVAC improvement this winter and add GPS Ionizers to the HVAC system to kill germs circulating through.
Downtown Activities
OTP is participating in the Shop your Community Days, this weekend, 11/13-15.  It is a fun way to support your local businesses and OTP at the same time.  Because of COVID, the DDA has stretched the shopping opportunity over 3 days instead of one.
OTP will also be participating in the modified Annual Light Parade this year on 11/21 from 5:00-9:00.  Instead of a traditional parade where people are in close proximity, you can enjoy this year’s parade by driving/walking to 12 performance sites downtown, each one themed around one of the 12 Days of Christmas.  We are Seven Swans of Swimming and will tickle your funny bone with a humorous take on the day.  We could use a few more swans and some strong folks to help move staging material from the shop to the parking lot.  
Email if you can help us.
Remember the $300 tax incentive
 As part of the Covid 19 relief package, there is a special tax incentive available this year.  Regardless of income or whether you itemize, charitable tax deductions up to $300/person can come right off the top of your income before calculating your taxes.  Donations can be made via our website or mailing a check. 
Stock donations are also wonderful, and some companies have a matching program.  
Contact if you are interested in this.  
Veterans Day
All this week, on our Facebook page we are honoring veterans who have also given generously of their time to OTP.  Check it out.  Thank you, Veterans!
Sad Goodbye
This past week, we lost a longtime talented volunteer, Bart Ingraham, to Pancreatic Cancer.  Bart has performed in many musicals at OTP over the years, beginning with Li’l Abner in 1980.  He performed in our first run of Chicago as Billy Flynn back in 1983. His last major role was an excellent portrayal of Leon Czolgosz in Assassins. Just a few years ago, he was part of a Victorian singing quartet that performed around town promoting our show, A Christmas Carol.  Many hearts were touched by Bart and his friends miss him.
Thank you to local businesses that support OTP
Larkin Group, Garden Goods, Golden Fowler, Families First, Record Eagle and Midwest Broadcasting (WTCM, WCCW.), Music Hub Live
Thank you to our volunteers
Costume Sale: Kathy Verstraete (leader), Kerr Anderson, Gary Bolton Hayley Bowker, Peg Brace,  Mindy Cotner, Karen Cross, Michelle Dungjen, Paul Fretheim, Bernadette Groppuso, Mary Grubb, Diane Hubert, Gianna Imbronone, Deb Jackson, Jeanette Mason, Melissa May, Chuck Moeser, Annie Moeser, Brett Nichols, Grace Nichols, Jackson Nichols, Kristina Nichols, Ethan Roe, Bradley Roswell, Stacia Sexton & Olivia, Elizabeth Stewart, Jada Stewart, Trey Stewart, Cat Tallman, Brynna Wesley, and Nan Worthington
Phantasms of a Fevered Imagination: Terri Heffron, Cherie’ Van Maanen, Tony Bero, Maria McKane, Denni Don Hunting, Kathy Louis, John Klapko, Michael Binstead, Jay Simon, Danielle Hartley, Elizabeth Stewart, Bill Fishburn, Ed Blackburn, Gary Bolton
Light Parade Leadership:  Kathy Verstraete & costume crew, Kerr Anderson & set crew, Melissa May, Chuck and Annie Moeser, Nan Worthington & Bernadette Groppuso
Organizing Office Areas: Barbara Wentzloff and Peg Brace
Podcast Development 
OTP Volunteer Table is a podcast developed by Don Kuehlhorn that interviews OTP volunteers and has fun reminiscing about Old Town Playhouse.  You can access the podcast through our website in the news section and Podcast Page. Latest Episodes: Shakespeare with Mychelle Hopkins (Education Director - Retired); A Chat with Paul Jarboe (Trustee and Actor)
Between the Lines: an original podcast written by Annie Goodman and Phil Murphy with additional material by Michael Spry is still in development.. 6 Episodes of the 10 Episode cycle are written and the pre-prodction and recording should be occurring in Decemebr for a January kick-off. 
Watch this space!
Additional Notes
Parking: Please remember not to leave your car overnight at the Playhouse.  We still have towing of cars left overnight when the snow season starts.

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