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NEW Episode of THE VOLUNTEER TABLE podcast available: Featuring SEASON DIRECTORS and more!

New Episodes of THE VOLUNTEER TABLE podcast, hosted by Don Kuehlhorn, are available online from your favorite podcast platform (Spotify, Apple Podcasts etc.).

Or here on our Podcast Page under Performances.


Newest Episodes

A chat with Nancy Albrecht
Whether you need a seam stitched, and nail driven or a set dressed, Nancy is your goto girl.
The Old Town Playhouse Season
The playhouse is back! We had our show directors give a short presentation on each of their shows for our 21-22 season. 
Chat with Joani Callaghan
What possesses you to come tot he playhouse? Could be any reason but for Joani it was a boy!
Chat with Phil Callaghan
Phil began in theater at a tender age but went to work and put his theater on hold for many years. Now, we hear his story.

Prior Episodes

Volunteer Celebration party - 2021

On July 18, 2021 the Playhouse celebrated their volunteers with a party in our parking lot. Every volunteer regardless of participation is a valued resource to the theater. During this party we honored several of our volunteers who worked "outside the script" in support of the playhouse. These are special recognitions of service. Terri Heffron, Dan Mello and Tracey c. Towner were so honored.
Chat with Minda Nyquist
Dancer, Actress, maybe chorus singer. The Triple threat of Minda Nyquist is here.
Chat with Kevin Weber
What we do not "do" in real life what we "do" on stage...hopefully.
Chat with Diane Clark
In any type of theater or entertainment one must be heard. We call that projection. Diane Clark will share with us  how to be heard.

A Chat with Jill Bert

Jill is an Old Town Playhouse actress and a story teller. She tells us her story.
Chat with Giana Imbronone
To act professionally or pay the rent... that is the question.
Theater Under the Tent
Our chat with the 4 directors of Theater Under the Tent productions presented at the Old Town Playhouse plus a chat with Deb Jackson, the executive Director of the Playhouse, about the TUTT season.
Chat With Jill Beachamp
Our chat covered the Playhouse and Riverside Shakespeare.

Chat with Hayley Bowker
We learn a little bit about Hayley and some about auditions.

Chat with Annie Goodman
We chat about Annie's time at the playhouse, her departure, and her return. We, also, learn about "Stage of Fools" an original podcast play, a comedy, based on community theater.

Chat with Jeff Curtis
Jeff's work takes him away from the playhouse for most of the year. How does he live without theater? 

Chat with David Curtis
Dave tells us how he made it to the "Big Show".
Chat with Kerr Anderson
Kerr, originally, directed THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNEST on the main stage in September, 2020. He, in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library, mounted the production again with the same actors however this time it was on the internet. We find out how it was accomplished.
Chat with Kaila and Sarah
It is fun to chat with new members. These two have been with the playhouse a short time but have make a huge impact.
Chat with Geoff Wallace
We chatted about Young Company, "... Ernest", and more.
Chat with Michael Binstead
We chat about everything community theater to hairstyles to ... whatever. 
Chat With Harriett Mittleberger
Harriett has directed many plays at the Playhouse and has a company of players performing (pre-COVID) Reader's Theater.
Chat with Colleen Hill-Rakunas
Some people come to the Playhouse with theater experience. Some come just to check the Playhouse out and stay. Colleen came to the Playhouse not for these reasons but because her son wanted to join the Young Company, the education arm of the Playhouse. She did have theater experiences as well but...
Chat with Ed Mulcahy
Long time member of the Playhouse, Ed tells about his time at the Playhouse and his future plans post COVID.
Chat with Cherie VanMaanan
We chatted about her involvement at the Old Town Playhouse. We. also, chatted about the online performance she and Terri Heffron collaborated on, "Phantasms of a Fevered Imagination".
Chat with Bradley Roswell
A zoom chat with Bradley in his basement costume room. Need a face mask?
Chat with Terri Heffron
In October of 2020, Terri Heffron collaborated with Cherie VanMaanen to create a streaming performance of poetry and original music. In February of 2021, she conceived and directed a presentation based on Dorothy Parker. We chatted with her about the process of creation.

Chat with Dan Mello
A self admitted "No Talent", Dan Mello has  shown a not surprising amount of roles and involvment at the Playhouse 

Chat with Rick Korndorfer
Anybody who knows anybody knows Rick is passionate about the playhouse. He gives it his all in this chat.

Chat with Wizard
One can believe that all theaters have a ghost but we have a Wizard as well!

Chat With Gary Bolton
Ever wonder how the sound for a show, whether the music before or the sound effects during a performance, are created? Gary  chats about this and more.
A Chat with Christy Burich
AKA, Mary Poppins, Christie brings her personality to the chat table.
Chat with Betsy Willis
Former Development Director and longtime volunteer, Betsy Willis, chats with us on her take of directing a play.
Chat with Sam Clark
In theater we always have actors, stage crew, lighting people and sound people. But only in musicals do we add musicians and a music director. Sam Clark will tell us about those people in the chat.
Chat with Nick Viox
Nick chats about his Playhouse experiences.
2020 Holiday Special
Some stories. Some greetings. The year in review.
Chat with Kathy Verstraete
How about costumes? Sounds like she may know something about them.

Joe Rice Orchestrates
A chat with Joe Rice "Our Orchestra Maestro".

Nan Worthington and Bernadette Groppuso discuss the art of props and prop making.
A chat about "Aged to Perfection"
Barb Goodearl and Larry Haines chat about the Playhouse's senior group, "Aged to Perfection".
A chat with Brian and Michelle Dungjen
Two long standing members of the playhouse community chat about the playhosue and their history. 
A Chat with Paul Jarboe
Paul Jarboe, actor and board member, chats about his playhouse experience.

Shakespeare with Mychelle Hopkins
A chat about Shakespeare with Mychelle Hopkins, a Shakespeare scholar, volunteer at Old Town Playhosue.

Brett and Kristina Nichols
A chat with two long time members of the Old Town Playhouse.
Set Building
Kerr Anderson and Jeff Kroger are two lead carpenters that build sets for the Old Town Playhouse. Here is some of their story.
OTP history 101
Jeanette Mason and Peg Brace discuss the early days of the Old Town Playhouse.
Interview with Terri Heffron
An interview with Terri Heffron, a volunteer, at more than one playhouse.
Annual Volunteer Appreciation meeting
Even with the playhouse closed due to the pandemic we still have valued volunteers. At our annual voluntee 
Trailer, podcast introduction
Live from Old Town Playhouse in Traverse City, Michigan a virtual table for community theater discussions.

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