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NEW Episodes of THE VOLUNTEER TABLE podcast available: Featuring Paul Jarboe - Board Member

New Episodes of THE VOLUNTEER TABLE podcast, hosted by Don Kuehlhorn, are available online from your favorite podcast platform (Spotify, Apple Podcasts etc.).

Or here on our Podcast Page under Performances.

Current Episodes:

NEW: A Chat with Paul Jarboe
Paul Jarboe, actor and board member, chats about his playhouse experience.
26:57October 30, 2020

Shakespeare with Mychelle Hopkins
A chat about Shakespeare with Mychelle Hopkins, a Shakespeare scholar, vokunteer at Old Town Playhosue.
27:41October 24, 2020

Brett and Kristina Nichols
A chat with two long time members of the Old Town Playhouse.
26:17October 14, 2020
Set Building
Kerr Anderson and Jeff Kroger are two lead carpenters that build sets for the Old Town Playhouse. Here is some of their story.
27:55October 7, 2020
OTP history 101
Jeanette Mason and Peg Brace discuss the early days of the Old Town Playhouse.
26:56October 2, 2020
Interview with Terri Heffron
An interview with Terri Heffron, a volunteer, at more than one playhouse.
24:09September 23, 2020
Annual Volunteer Appreciation meeting
Even with the playhouse closed due to the pandemic we still have valued volunteers. At our annual voluntee 
29:35September 5, 2020
Trailer, podcast introduction
Live from Old Town Playhouse in Traverse City, Michigan a virtual table for community theater discussions.

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