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Old Town Playhouse auditions are open to all community members!

Though there are frequently age restrictions indicated in scripts or based on the nature of a particular production, auditions are open to the community and we welcome all to be part of the Old Town Playhouse.

There often are digital perusal scripts available to be emailed for no charge by the Old Town Playhouse Business Office in the few months prior to auditions. There is a $10 deposit required to check out a printed script which must be returned within two weeks of check-out in order to receive your deposit back. Call (231) 947-2210. Ext 4 for more information.



The Old Town Playhouse Presents: 










• Auditions will be held Monday, February 21 and Tuesday February 22, 2022 beginning at 6:30pm, in the Old Town Playhouse Schmuckal Theater, lower level - 148 E. 8th St. Traverse City, MI. 
• Invited Callbacks, (if needed) will be held on Wednesday, February 23rd, beginning at 6:30pm.
• Please complete the online audition registration form HERE
• Auditions will be closed, meaning only production staff and those auditioning will be permitted in the room.
• Please wear character or other dance shoes; ladies, heels are preferred (no tennis shoes). 
• Please wear clothing that you are comfortable dancing in for auditions. We prefer no jeans or excessively baggy clothing. 
• For your reference, please review the production calendar found on page 4 of this packet and note your conflict dates on your audition form.
• We ask you to be at least 16 years old to audition. This is a show with adult themes. Anyone under 18 cast in the show will need a parent/guardian waiver.
• Everyone will sing and everyone will dance at auditions! Those are the most fun after all. Not everyone will be asked to read from the script. If you are not asked to read, it does NOT mean you are not cast. 
• Face masks are required to be worn by everyone inside the theater. Those auditioning will be given the option to remove their mask during the vocal portion of auditions only. 


In an effort to provide you an efficient and timely audition process, please come to auditions prepared, as detailed below: 

• Prepare a 30-45 second (16 bar), upbeat musical theater or jazz song, similar in style to CHICAGO. For ideas, listen to some 1920’s Jazz or research shows involving Bob Fosse and Kander and Ebb. Please select a piece that highlights your vocal range and your ability to act through song.
• Please make every effort to memorize your audition piece. You will not be permitted to stand near the accompanist during your audition. We want to see you perform, and will work with you through your audition if needed. . 
• An accompanist will be provided. Please bring your own sheet music, ensuring it is in the proper key, and clearly mark your start and stop points for the accompanist. Please have your sheet music printed out, not in a book, and please do not bind or staple your pages. 
• Acapella singing will not be permitted, and please do not sing a selection from CHICAGO.
• A dance call will follow the vocal audition. Please dress comfortably, have appropriate footwear (heels for ladies) and be prepared to move. Everyone will be asked to complete the dance call.
• Please DO NOT alter your natural appearance prior to auditions, and do not attempt to “dress” for a certain role. We want to see YOU. 
• Please audition regardless of your conflicts. Rehearsals will be scheduled after the show is cast to accommodate conflicts. Just be honest, and we will work around your schedule the best we can. However, please be aware, due to the heavy full ensemble involvement for this show, excessive conflicts may preclude casting.
• Most importantly, come ready to have fun!! 


Below is a list of available roles and their descriptions. A note on casting: Ensemble members will be assigned several roles, as called for in the script. The ensemble breakdown below gives a general idea of how this will be handled. As this is an ensemble show that is dance heavy, and because the ensemble is a hugely important part of the production, all ensemble members will be asked to dance in the show. 
Roxie Hart: (Female. Mezzo F3-B4, Age Range: 20-30) As pretty as she is self centered, Roxie murders her lover, Fred Casely. She stops at nothing to render a media storm with one goal: to get away with it. Roxie Hart is an elegant, somewhat vulnerable and naive character. NOTE: Roxie is a very strong singer and Fosse dancer. 
Female Understudy (Roxie Hart)/Ensemble: This role will be cast from the greater ensemble after casting. Understudies will be in the show as female ensemble members or Cell Block Tango line. 
Female Understudy (Velma Kelly)/Ensemble: This role will be cast from the greater ensemble after casting. Understudies will be in the show as female ensemble members or Cell Block Tango line. 
Mary Sunshine: (Male/Female: Soprano, Bb3-Bb5. Age Range: 25-55) A sappy, soppy tabloid columnist who relies more on emotion than thought when it comes to writing her stories, Mary Sunshine is a person who believes that no matter what horrible atrocities a person has committed, somehow there must be a little bit of good in them. NOTE: It is preferred that this character be played by a male in tasteful “drag,” with a strong falsetto. This role, if done in drag, is NOT a caricature, and will be tastefully portrayed. 
Court Clerk/Ensemble #1: (Male) A mild mannered court clerk. Poor courtroom conduct. Present at Roxie’s trial. Also dances/sings in the ensemble throughout the show. 
Fred Casely/Ensemble #11: (Male. Vocal Part: Spoken. Age Range: 30-50) Roxie’s boyfriend at the beginning of the show, Fred Casely sleeps with, and is promptly murdered by Roxie after he walks out on her. Appears in flashbacks reenacting the incident. 
June/Ensemble#10: (Female. Vocal Part: A3-C#5. Age Range: 18-45) One of the “merry murderesses” of Cook County Jail. Stabbed her husband with a carving knife after he accused her of cheating on him. 
Hunyak/Ensemble #12: (Female. Vocal Part: N/A. Age Range: 18-45) One of the “merry murderesses” of Cook County Jail. Accused of chopping off her husband’s head, Hunyak, unlike her fellow inmates, is actually innocent. However, she is found guilty regardless due to her inability to speak English and her refusal to plead guilty to her “crime”. Her execution illustrates the corruption of the justice system. Speaks Hungarian (scripted). Must NOT have a fear of heights! 
• We will be casting 2-3 additional female roles as ensemble, dancer/singers with potential to fill swing/understudy roles.
• We will be casting 2-3 additional male roles as ensemble, dancer/singers with potential to fill swing/understudy roles. 
*A NOTE ON UNDERSTUDY/SWING Roles: Those who are cast in an understudy or swing role will be a part of the regular performing cast and will be asked to participate in every rehearsal/show as scheduled. Swings and understudies will be given performances in which they will perform in the swing or understudy role(s). These performances will be scheduled in collaboration with the production team and cast members involved. 


General Audition Information

Auditions are typically held 9-10 weeks before a show is to be performed. As specific show information becomes available it will be listed below.

Auditionees are usually asked to read from the script of the show being auditioned. It is highly encouraged that auditionees have read the script in advance. On occasion, specific readings may be selected by the director for auditions.

For musical auditions, auditionee should prepare a short memorized solo (approx. 2 minutes, with accompaniment) and should bring sheet music to auditions. Accompanists are provided for auditions. Solos do not need to be from the production being auditioned for. Depending on the production, auditionees may be asked to learn a short dance combination, to be performed in the audition in a small group setting, or may be asked to partipate in other movement activities.

Upcoming audition dates are listed below. Additional information about each production may be read on the page pertaining to each show under our performances tab or follow the link provided below.

A few tips: 

  • Don’t get hung up on production values. A director primarily needs to see your face and hear your voice.
  • Take your time. You will read much faster than you think.
  • Be as expressive as possible. The director can always pull you back.
  • And have fun!


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