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Vocal Director

Responsible for working with the Director in preparing a theatre production for public performance, including casting and rehearsing the cast so they are prepared vocally for their work in the show. If needed, the Vocal Director may require an Accompanist to assist in rehearsals prior to the orchestra and cast combined rehearsals.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensure that all cast members know and are capable of performing their music.
  • Select accompanist (rehearsal pianist) in collaboration with the Production Resource Manager.
  • Work to rehearse all soloists, groups, and chorus so that they are prepared to work with the orchestra pit.
  • Schedule and run, in conjunction with the Orchestra Director, a Sitzprobe rehearsal before subsequent rehearsals with the orchestra begin in earnest.
  • Provide links to any media that will help cast members learn their music. 
  • Schedule vocal rehearsals in collaboration with the Accompanist, Director, Choreographer and Stage Manager.
  • Work with the Sound Designer and Assistant Orchestra Director when microphones are used.
  • Attend production meetings and rehearsals, as needed.
  • Work with the Assistant Orchestra Director to keep a record of the hours of each rehearsal pianist.