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Stage Manager

The Stage Manager is responsible to the Director and Producer for the management of the stage and backstage areas from auditions through strike. They ensure all tech deadlines are being met and are responsible for planning and running tech rehearsals including backstage crew. During the run, the Stage Manager is responsible for calling the show, managing the backstage crew and maintaining the Directors artistic vision. Acts as show liaison among the actors, Director, Producer, Production Manager, and Business Office as necessary. For a studio show it sometimes makes sense for Stage Manager and Assistant Director to be the same role, but for mainstage productions the Stage Manager should not double up with any other position on the Production Team.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Reads script and becomes familiar with the show and its technical requirements.
  • Attends auditions and rehearsals, and assists the Director in aspects thereof.
  • In communication with the Production Manager, makes arrangements for any off site rehearsals, and ensures that cast and crew have access for all rehearsals and call times for performances.
  • Chairs technical production team meetings during which schedules, directions, requirements, and problems relating to the production are discussed and solved.
  • Responsible for knowing OTP policies and assisting in the implementation and enforcement, including
    • Harassment
    • Drugs/Alcohol
    • Safety
  • Is familiar with the emergency/fire policy found in this Production Manual and trains cast and crew in these policies.
  • Is familiar with location and use of first aid supplies. Responsible for notifying the Business Office of first aid supply needs/replacement and incidents requiring their use. Please see the incident report. Keeps log of all health conditions of cast and crew in case of an emergency. 
  • Receives key code for stage door entrance.
  • Coordinates with the Director to ensure building security and proper use of utilities during rehearsals and performances.
  • Fills out the Rehearsal Report for each rehearsal and emails/google drive it to all cast, production team, and AC liaison. This duty can be shared if the SM is not at a rehearsal.
  • Is the last person to leave the building after rehearsals and performances, is responsible for following the theatre‐closing checklist in the Production Manual.
  • Responsible for running all tech rehearsals as well as Dry Tech with crew to run scene changes. The show is handed to the Stage Manager to run as of Tech Sunday. Tech Sunday is the Stage Manager's rehearsal of technical aspects of the show.
  • Make sure the stage is pre‐set and ready for rehearsal/performance prior to notifying the House Manager to open the house. Checks for readiness with each crew head.
  • Responsible for the procurement of a stage crew to handle the technical needs of the show, and encouraged to use OTP’s Volunteer database to recruit new volunteers in crew positions.
  • Responsible for assembling a legible prompt book containing all actor blocking, properties list, schedule, and light, sound, and specialty cues, which is to remain at the theatre during the run of the show. 
  • Helps to establish a clear contingency plan for what happens if the Stage Manager is unable to attend a show, and trains the next in line (Assistant Stage Manager) on use of the prompt book, including scheduling in the Assistant Stage to call at least one show during tech week.
  • Make sure actors and crew members are signed in by the time established by the show Director/Stage Manager/Production team. In the event that an actor cannot be found or is incapable of performing, the Stage Manager/Director will either find someone to assume the role OR ASSUME the role themselves, until the actor can return.
  • Implements theatre policies in overseeing the backstage areas during the run of the show. Responsible for educating actors and crew about using call boards, backstage etiquette, parking, use of dressing rooms, safety issues, meeting the audience downstairs and cell phones etiquette. 
  • Starts and runs the show, from pre‐set props, lights, and sound; actors warnings, calling of all light, sound, special effects, and actors entrances and exits.
  • Lock Stage entrance door 15 minutes prior to curtain. 
  • Responsible for maintaining the artistic intentions of the Director after opening.
  • Coordinates strike with Construction heads, Production team, and Production Manager to establish the details of the show’s strike, and communicates strike information to cast and crew, ensuring production team members are responsible for their area, including returning items to storage and returning loaned items.