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Stage Crew

Responsible to the Stage Manager and Assistant Stage Manager. Stage Crew should begin attending rehearsals at least a week before Tech week. They should read the script and be familiar with the play. They will be given a schedule and their call time by the Stage Manager.  

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Required to attend at least one rehearsal, as dictated by the Stage Manager, and ability to access and read script if so desired.
  • Change scenes by setting and striking set pieces, set furniture, and possibly props during the run of the show, they may act as dressers.
  • Communicate with cast members and volunteers about limitations (physical and otherwise).
  • Run fog machines, special lights, and special sounds.
  • Participate in any stage clean up after a performance,  including resetting set pieces and props.
  • Responsible for bringing your own flashlight and gloves if needed. Expected to wear all black clothing or whatever is deemed appropriate by the Stage Manager for that particular production. 
  • Participate at Strike. 


  • Director and Stage Manager will communicate with you on a consistent basis. 
  • You will be treated with respect and dignity by all production staff, administration and other volunteers, and we expect the same from you.  
  • All concerns and conflicts will be resolved through the Concern Resolution Path. See the Production Manual for details.