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Set Dresser

The Set Dresser is responsible for working with the Director and Set Designer to create a “lived-in” quality for every scene by preparing or acquiring an assortment of props, decor items, materials and smaller furniture for the set. They will attend production meetings, become familiar with the script, and consult with the director/stage manager and/or set designer. They will work in close collaboration with the Props Designer and others (costume, set, lighting, etc.) to help create a cohesive overall design for the show.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Read the script.
  • Obtain props or set pieces used strictly as décor.
  • Communicate with Props Designer to mutually define which props fall under “Props” and which fall under “Set Dressing.”
  • Place props/décor items in accordance with the Director/Set Designer’s vision.
  • Strike décor items upon conclusion of the show and return to the proper owner or place of storage.