Props Designer and Set Dresser

The Props Designer and Set Dresser is responsible for helping the Director and Set Designer create their vision of the show by choosing, preparing, and placing objects on the stage, then ensuring those objects are in the correct place for each performance. They will attend production meetings, become familiar with the script, and consult with the director/stage manager and/or set designer. They will work with other designers (costume, set, lighting, etc.) to help create a cohesive overall design for the show. Depending on the size of the show and the set this may be the same person or may require multiple people to complete the vision. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Obtaining props or set pieces suitable for stage and safety of persons involved with production, keeping the following in mind:
    • Safety will ALWAYS be first in mind.
    • Mobility and durability of props that will be handled.
    • Suitable for the required choreography.
  • Inspect, maintain, and set each prop prior to each production.
  • Communicate with each actor to ensure each prop and/or weapon is placed in the appropriate designated area for 1st Act and 2nd Act. 
  • Strike props upon conclusion of the show and return to the proper owner or place of storage.  

Consumable Props

  • For Consumable Props: 
    • Ensure that food/beverage props are stored properly in refrigerator or air-tight containers.
    • Adequate quantity is available for each production.
    • Labeled appropriately as props.