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Projection Designer

The Projection Designer is responsible to the Director for images and/or videos used in the production. They will work closely with the Lighting Designer to incorporate their design into the light board and to adjust lighting as needed. They will work with other designers (costume, set, props, etc.) to help create a cohesive overall design for the show and to create spaces for projections to be projected on. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Read the script and become familiar with the show and the projection requirements.
  • In communication with the Director to understand their artistic concept of the show.
  • In communication with the other Designers to better understand their concepts and how best to incorporate the projections.
  • Attend all production meetings scheduled by the Stage Manager.
  • Attend rehearsals.
  • Create and procure all necessary images and/or videos required for the design. For best reproduction, images and videos will be of the highest quality available. 
  • If needed, communicate with the Production Manager to find possible artists, photographers, and videographers.
  • If possible, share images and videos with the Director prior to Tech Week, to allow time to correct or change items.
  • If using the ImageCue servers, images and videos will be formatted appropriately for use on those servers. They will be loaded onto an USB thumb-drive.
  • Mount and focus all projectors needed for the production.
  • If using an ImageCue server, work with the Lighting Designer to program cues into the light board to control the servers.
  • If NOT using the ImageCue servers, make sure any connections to projectors work properly.
  • Attend Paper Tech to discuss projection cues with the Stage Manager.
  • Attend Dry Tech rehearsal, and all rehearsals during Tech Week.
  • Work with the Lighting Designer if changes are needed in cue placement and timing.
  • Make any changes to images and videos, as needed. 
  • Be available during the run of the show to help correct issues, if needed.
  • Attend Strike to remove all unneeded projectors and ImageCue servers.


  • Director and other production members will communicate with you regarding any potential concerns about the production, including technical needs that may be beyond the theatre’s resources. 
  • You will be treated with respect and dignity by all production staff, administration and other volunteers, and we expect the same from you.  
  • All concerns and conflicts will be resolved through the Concern Resolution Path (see Production Manual).