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In partnership with the Director, the Producer is responsible to the Executive Director, for the organization and management of the production. This includes the production staff, communication and coordination with staff, financial aspects of the production, scheduling, dissemination of information, and the physical aspects of the production.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Is responsible with the Director and the Stage Manager for the preparation, distribution, and maintenance of rehearsal and production schedules.  Coordinates all scheduling with the Production Resource Manager and the Business Office. 
  • In conjunction with the Director, schedules regular production meetings and addresses and resolves production challenges in order to achieve the Director's artistic vision.
  • Coordinates auditions in conjunction with the Production Resource Manager. 
  • Implements the Director’s vision and needs and relays this information to the Production Manager and the Business Office.  
  • Works with the Director to build a competent production team, including working with the Technical Chairs and the Business Office to recruit qualified people to fill all positions. Producers are encouraged to utilize new volunteers when possible. Contact the Business Manager and Tech Chairs for new volunteer information.   
  • Coordinates audition details with the Artistic Manager four weeks prior to auditions. Provides required readings or memorized monologues in advance of auditions and any specific requests from the Director.  
  • Attends all auditions and assists with check-ins. 
  • At the first cast meeting, explains OTP policies and practices on building use, substance abuse, and theatre etiquette. Disperse and collect signed minor and volunteer waivers and turn them into the Business Office to be placed on file. 
  • Ensures collection of signed Job Description forms to be kept on file within the production team.
  • Assists the Production Resource Manager with the distribution and collection of scripts, librettos and scores, including coordinating collection and return of any deposits.
  • In conjunction with the Business Office, helps gather and organize the information needed for the program book, including, as follows:
    • any lists of scene breakdowns or musical numbers
    • lists of Cast, Production Staff, Technical Crew, and Orchestra  
    • biographies for the cast and production staff  
    • underwriters, donors and businesses for special thanks 
  • Follow up with the Business Office to ensure bios and materials were received in time.
  • If a show desires specific logo wear, the Producer will have the design and items approved by the Marketing Manager.  The Producer will collect orders and payment before items are ordered. Producers will place orders with vendors and be responsible for dispensing those items, or the Producer will set up an online site for ordering and the cast and crew will need to place their own orders. 
  • Clear any partnering opportunities with the Executive Director. There should be no solicitation for outside funding for individual shows. Any potential inā€kind arrangements with businesses providing services and materials to the production should be cleared with ED.
  • Works with the Marketing Manager:
    • On all marketing ideas, strategies, and community partnerships. Contact the Marketing Manager at least one month before auditions to discuss strategy, social media plans, promotions, special events, and schedules.
    • Facebook/Social Media responsibilities
    • Four weeks before show date, coordinates or takes photos to be used for promotion. We will also need headshots or cast photos at this time. Other photos can include costume, props, actor(s) or scenery.
  • Works with Marketing Manager to set up audition pages, and cast groups on social media sites. All show pages must come through the official OTP page.  (Auxiliary pages dilute the reach for the show and for OTP.) 
  • Ensures that the Production Resource Manager, Marketing Manager, Business Manager, and Artistic Committee Liaison are included in all private/cast Facebook groups.
  • Ensures that no public pages are created by the cast/crew. The Marketing Manager will create and coordinate content submitted by cast/crew for OTP’s public social media accounts and website.  
  • The Marketing Manager will coordinate all radio and television promotions including interviews. The Producer will check with the Marketing Manager to keep up to date on what is scheduled and check with the cast and production team to see who is available when needed. If the Producer has contacts in the media, they should let the Marketing Manager know.
  • Follows the agreed-upon marketing and media plan established at the meeting with the Executive Director and Marketing Manager throughout the run of the rehearsals and performances. Follows all OTP brand guidelines and ensures all marketing created and developed is approved by the Marketing Manager before release.
  • Attends rehearsals and helps to obtain photos to use in the publicity of the show. Ensures all photos and videos are given to the Marketing Manager for OTP's priority use. Cast and crew may only share behind-the-scenes content on a limited basis, following OTP's social media guidelines.
  • Is responsible for the show block on the wall and having it ready for signatures on the closing night of the performance. 


  • OTP staff will communicate with you regarding any potential concerns about the production, including technical needs that may be beyond the theatre’s resources, sensitive subjects and issues of representation within the script, or issues that come up during production. 
  • You will be treated with respect and dignity by all production staff, administration and other volunteers, and we expect the same from you.  
  • All concerns and conflicts will be resolved through the Concern Resolution Path.