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Hair/Makeup Technician

The Hair/Makeup Technician is responsible for creating the vision of the Director by creating hair and makeup designs, being able to replicate those designs, and teaching delegated individuals such as actors and other volunteers how to replicate those designs. This offers the volunteers the flexibility to learn and become comfortable with maintaining/implementing each design that is desired by the Director. If necessary it will include styling a wig and teaching how to apply a wig cap and wig properly and/or possibly being available to implement the designs for each show.


  • Director and other production team members will communicate with you regularly, including regarding any potential concerns about the production needs that may be beyond the theatre’s resources. 
  • You will be treated with respect and dignity by all production staff, administration and other volunteers, and we expect the same from you.  
  • All concerns and conflicts will be resolved through the Concern Resolution Path (see Production Manual).