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Costume Designer

The Costume Designer consults with the director and the lightning designer to determine the style and color palette of the costumes. They will work with other designers (lighting, set, props, etc.) to help create a cohesive overall design for the show. Costumes are assigned to sewing volunteers based on their ability and availability. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare costume designs as required for the show.
  • Take sizing measurements of all performers (shoulder to shoulder, shoulder to center of back, shoulder to hip, shoulder to waist, shoulder to knee, shoulder to floor, center of neck to waist, waist to floor, waist to knee, chest, waist, hip, neck, head, shoe).
  • Provide measurements of the performers to the Sewing Volunteers along with patterns and materials.
  • Direct other volunteers to sew and assemble costumes.
  • Attend fittings with the Sewing Designer and Actor to adjust fit as needed.
  • Prepare other aspects of costumes that do not require sewing like hats, belts, and other accessories. Prepare materials and patterns for Sewing Volunteers if necessary.
  • Keep costumes looking their best, in performance ready condition. Depending on the costume this may mean:
    • washing between every other performance 
    • dry cleaning at least once a week  
    • ironing/steaming, or 
    • making needed repairs between shows 
  • Check with the cast at the end of each performance for any repairs that may be necessary.