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Assistant Director

The Assistant Director (AD) is responsible for helping the Director with the artistic and aesthetic interpretation of a show and their implementation. It is best practice for a MainStage show to make sure Assistant Director is a separate crew position than Stage Manager. NOTE: The AD position offers the aspiring director invaluable experience.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Prior to the audition process, the AD reads and is familiar with the show. Assists with the audition, as requested by the Director.
  • Assists the Director with interpretation of the play’s content, story arc, motivation, characterization, flow, technical requirements, and cast requirements.
  • May assists in building a production staff and a technical crew, and helps to communicate with the team what is needed in order to implement the director’s goals.
  • Attends and participates in all production meetings.
  • Takes responsibility, as may be specified and delegated by the director, for rehearsal and other production processes.
  • In the event the Director is unable to attend rehearsal, adheres to the rehearsal schedule and business set by the Director.
  • Responsible for knowing OTP policies and assisting in the implementation and enforcement, including
    • Harassment
    • Drugs/Alcohol
    • Safety
  • Attends Strike.
  • This position may be seen as a training ground for possible advancement to the Director’s position.


  • OTP staff will communicate with you regarding any potential concerns about the production, including technical needs that may be beyond the theatre’s resources, sensitive subjects and issues of representation within the script, or issues that come up during production. 
  • You will be treated with respect and dignity by all production staff, administration and other volunteers, and we expect the same from you.  
  • All concerns and conflicts will be resolved through the Concern Resolution Path.