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Old Town Playhouse recognizes volunteer achievement and dedication through several different awards, most given annually, and also in its most significant honor, the Old Town Playhouse Hall of Fame. Awards include (see below for description and awardees):

Old Town Playhouse Hall of Fame
Volunteer of the Year
The Peg Brace Award

The Old Town Playhouse Hall of Fame Award is the organization's highest honor. It is awarded to those individuals who have served the Playhouse for over 10 years and have contributed immeasurably to the health, growth and development of the organization. Members of the OTP Hall of Fame are:


Vern and Bev Atwood
Peg Brace
Bob and Barbara Bradford
Dave Campbell
Sam Clark
Phoebe Collins
Bryan Crough
Camilla and Ance Damoose
Jerry and Pat Hager
Larry Hains
Doug and Margaret Hill
Florence "Pinkie" Hoffman
Denni Don Hunting
Kasey Kilpatrick
Jeff Kroeger
Don Kuehlhorn
Bob Lerew
Jeanette Mason
Jim Matthews
Dr. John and Elnora Milliken
Steve Morse
Phil Murphy
June Neal
Ken Parker
Joe Rice
Tom Schill
Nancy Sundstrom
Tracy Towner
Kathy Verstraete

The OTP Volunteer of the Year is selected annually. It is awarded to the person, or persons, who have given the most to the overall success of the performance season. Past recipients are:


2024 Colleen Hill-Rakunas and Nan Worthington
2023 Bill Fishburn
2022 John Herbst

2021 Terri Heffron
2020  William Rockwood
2019  Melissa May
2018  Danielle Pelshaw

2017  Anne & Chuck Moeser
2016  Arnie Taddia
2015  Karen Gardner & Bill Hershey
2014  Linda Crandall & Jeanne Ramick
2013  Kerr Anderson
2012  Lori Wheldon
2011  Sheri Wallace
2010  Brett Nichols
2009  Bradley Roswell
2008  Tom Webb
2007  Margaret Schaal
2006  Hedges Macdonald
2005  Cinder Conlon & Joe Rice
2004  Deb Bowman & Denni Don Hunting
2003  Al Thompson
2002  Peg Brace
2001  Al Lien
2000  Betty Gordon
1999  Don Kuehlhorn
1998  Jeff Kroeger & Matt McCormick
1997  Grace Hanninen & Paulette Parsons
1996  Gary Bolton
1995  Terry Lawrence, Billie Thompson & Kathy Verstraete
1994  Larry Hains

The Peg Brace Award - First awarded in 2007 to long-standing OTP champion Peg Brace as the “Unsung Hero” award, the "Peg Brace Award,” is given in honor of those who silently and without drama go above and beyond for the Old Town Playhouse. Past recipients are:

2024 Barbara Overdier and Danielle Pelshaw
2023 Bill Hershey
2022 Jill Bert
2021 Dan Mello
2020 Dick Cieslik
2019 Elizabeth Stewart
2018 Kathy Kelto

2017 Lori Wheldon
2016 Jeff Kroeger
2015 Bernadette Gropusso
2014 Barbara & Dan Goodearl
2013 Gary Bolton
2012 Paulette Parsons
2011 Joe Rice
2010 Denni Don Hunting
2008 Margaret Schaal
2007 Peg Brace