Artistic Committee & Tech Chairs

Artistic Committee 

The Artistic Committee is responsible for the artistic and creative output of the Playhouse.
It is directly responsible for play selection, director selection and overall composition of the season.

The Artistic Committee is made up of nine members, three are elected each year at the Annual Meeting.

Cherie Van Maanen, Chair
Lesley Tye, Vice Chair
Matt Archibald, Secretary
Hayley Bowker
Bill Fishburn
Terri Heffron
Andrea Makarauskas
Elizabeth Stewart
Lesley Tye
Betsy Willis

Phil Murphy (OTP Artistic Manager)

The Artistic Committee meets the first Tuesday of every month at 6 pm.

Technical Chairs    

The Technical Chairs are appointed by the Artistic Committee to oversee and provide a central point of communication for their assigned area of interest.

Kathy Verstraete - Costume
Bill Fishburn - Light
Sam Clark - Music
Bernadette Groppuso & Nan Worthington - Property
Kerr Anderson & Jeff Kroeger - Set
Gary Bolton - Sound
Denni Don Hunting - Stage Management