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Happy Father’s Day!

Our OTP fathers are long time volunteers, performers, staff, and all around great guys with big hearts and beautiful families.


Happy Fathers Day


Thank you to all the dads of OTP! We couldn’t do it without you. 

Below is our full list of nominated fathers for our "week of fathers" on our social media channels for 2020.


Chuck Moeser

Bill Fishburn

Brett Nichols

Brian Dungjen

Brian Jackson

Dan Mello

Dave Thomas

Dennis Stockemer

Don Kuehlhorn

Ed Blackburn

Ed Mulcahy

Frank Hartley

Gary Bolton

HT Snowday

Jan Dalton

Jeff Curtis

Joe Kilpatrick

Joe Trubiroha

John Crocker

Josh Thomas

Justen Korson

Kerr Anderson

Larry Avery

Larry Hains

Lars Kelto

Loren Gardener

Matt Archibald

Mike Binstead

Patrick Cotner

Richard Long

Rick Church

Sam Copeland

Steve Smith

Happy Father’s Day!

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