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Young Company Announces cast for Frozen, Jr.

Cast List for Frozen, Jr.                   Red cast                               Blue cast

Young Elsa                                           Emily Dunphey                 Wren Walter

Middle Elsa                                                         Abby Pfannenstiel

Elsa                                                        Rachel Dunphey               Isabel Niemer

Young Anna                                        Nora Quillen                       Ellery Pfannenstiel

Middle Anna                                                      Molly Smith

Anna                                                     Maya Quillen                     Darci Trierweiler

King/Townsperson                          Elvis Hall

Queen/Townsperson                     Annaliesse Little

Pabbie                                                  Trey Stewart

Bulda                                                     Kellyn Walker-Hundley

Bishop/Townsperson                     Hank Hall

Kristoff                                                 Macready Smith

Sven                                                      Tony Stevenson

Hans                                                      Quinn Thomas                   Isaiah Gallegos

Weselton                                            Porter Stevenson

Olaf                                                        Maddie Smith                    Colin Taylor

Oaken                                                   Edmund Petty

Snow Chorus                      Ava Shotwell, Libby Couturier, Annabelle Gray, Annie Paulson, Emily Michalski, Eliza Chorley

Castle Staff/Oaken family             Ali Amalfitano, Sophia Stiles, Grace Walton (Mrs.), Mateo Thelen

Hidden Folk/Summer Chorus      Avery Wills, Vivian Shotwell, Annabelle Jackson, Phoebe Walter

Townspeople                                    Cole Anderson, Ainsley Bielman, Maddie Hermann, Josi Maki, Anna Racine, Nathan Stawski

Guards                                                 Eric Paulson, Jackson Alejandro


Tech crew members:                      Petra Wilson (Set/Props), Jack Martel (Light/Sound), Nola Raven (Set/Props), Cora Shook (Costumes), Rhiannon McAvoy (Set/Props), Megan Speers (Costumes)


Old Town Playhouse

Main Stage Theatre
148 E. Eighth Street
at the corner of
Cass & East 8th St.

OTP Studio Theatre
620 Railroad Place
at the corner of
East 8th and Woodmere