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Next up in the Studio Theatre is the intriguing futuristic drama by Jordan Harrison, Marjorie Prime. After the last few days of casting, Director John Klapko has a cast of OTP veterans led by longtime OTP members Nan Worthington and Tom Czarny with more recent members Bill Meyers and Joelle Mabey joining them in this exciting new play.

An elderly woman’s memory is fading but now she has a handsome young holographic image of her deceased husband to feed her life story back to her. Given the chance, what would we remember? What would we forget? How is our humanity shaped – and warped – by the ebbs and flows of memory?


Old Town Playhouse

Main Stage Theatre
148 E. Eighth Street
at the corner of
Cass & East 8th St.

OTP Studio Theatre
620 Railroad Place
at the corner of
East 8th and Woodmere