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Cast Announced for James and the Giant Peach

Cast List for James and the Giant Peach

                                                  Red                                                   Blue

James                                  Finn Sutherland                  Abby Pfannenstiel

Ladahlord                             Carson Clark                                Abe Arends

Grasshopper/Ensemble       Jack Merwin                              Caleb Smith

Centipede/Ensemble           Kyle Naperala                             J.J. Beck

Ladybug/Ensemble             Lainey Trubiroha                 Rayna Archibald

Earthworm/Ensemble             Jack Kernan                          Jackson Yaple

Spider/Ensemble                       Maya Quillen                          Ava Shotwell

Spiker/Ensemble                      Maggi Kernan                          Morgan Davis

Sponge/Ensemble                    Addy Franz                         Annabelle Arends

The following Ensemble Members perform in all shows:

Grasshopper & Centipede puppeteer/Jr. Ensemble        Ivy Coe

Ladybug & Spider puppeteer/Jr. Ensemble                          Molly Smith

Earthworm & Male Spider puppeteer/Jr. Ensemble    Jackson Hochstetler

Jr. Ensemble:     Harper Flees, Tenley Kellogg, Ava Venezia, Cole Anderson

Mr. Trotter/Sr. Ensemble                                                           Ethan Roe

Mrs. Trotter/Sr. Ensemble                                                         Liv Hale

Matron Nurse/Sr. Ensemble                                               Joey Meredith

Sr. Ensemble:    Isabel Niemer, Keri Janicki, Sophia Stiles, Jada Stewart,

                              Grace Walton, Amelia Payette, Anna Paul, Quinn Thomas,

                              Ryan Stawski, Will Stanton.

First Company Meeting is Monday, March 19th from 4-6.  All materials will be distributed at that time.

All characters not listed (and there are A LOT!) will be assigned from the ensembles.

If you were not cast in this production, please note that there were over 80 auditionees and I wish I could have found a place for everyone.  If you are interested in working on the Lighting/Sound Crew or the Costume/Make-up Crew, please contact me and we’ll get you signed up.                 Mychelle


Old Town Playhouse

Main Stage Theatre
148 E. Eighth Street
at the corner of
Cass & East 8th St.

OTP Studio Theatre
620 Railroad Place
at the corner of
East 8th and Woodmere