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Cast Announced for Young King Arthur

Young King Arthur Cast List                          First Meeting March 20th               4-6

Merlin                                   Levi Deters

Lot                                          Edmund Petty  

Margawse                           Annabelle Arends

Morgana                              Megan Walczak

Uriens                                   Henry Parvel

Leodegrance                      Shawn Deeren

Lady Leodegrance           Lainey Trubiroha

Young Guinevere             Ivy Coe

Bagdemagus                      Teddy McKay

Lady Bagdemagus            Morgan Davis

Bedevere                            George Parvel

Lady Bedevere                  Ella Stewart

Archbishop                         Mateo Ingle

King                                       Jacob Varner

Lucan                                    Ethan Roe

Kay                                         Abe Arends

Arthur                                   Jack Merwin

Marion                                 Liv Hale

Hector                                  Jaden Mayville

Lady Lenore                       Journey Krajnik

Messenger                         Kyle Naperala

Agravaine                            Ryan Stawski

Lady to Queen Igraine   Lydia Henion

Squires                                 Will Stanton, Jonah Hochstetler, Cruz Ingle, Nathan Lett, Thomas Murray

Children               Sophia Stiles, Cora Shook

Ladies of the Court          Sofia Danielson, Amelia Shotwell, Ella Provins

Arthur Understudy         Emily Hamel


Crew List

Lighting / Sound Crew    Ayla Weldon                      First Meeting April 10     4-6

                                                Molly Smith

                                                Jackson Hochstetler

                                                Boone Deters

                                                Clinton Coleman

Costume / Make-up Crew           Peyton Daly                        First Meeting April 11  4-6

                                                                Samantha Fewins

                                                                Anna Beers

                                                                Deonte Alger

                                                                Jada Ackerman


Old Town Playhouse

Main Stage Theatre
148 E. Eighth Street
at the corner of
Cass & East 8th St.

OTP Studio Theatre
620 Railroad Place
at the corner of
East 8th and Woodmere